The Sourcing Table

The Sourcing Table The Sourcing Table


The modern wine world is broad, evolving, and exciting. The Sourcing Table set out to re-define the slightly aloof, old-fashioned view of fine wine by bringing a handpicked selection of delicious, different wines made by people with a genuine passion and story direct to your door and in-store.

Started by a cohort of industry veterans, we worked closely with the founders and wider team on establishing a brand position and identity that married the associated traditions of fine wine with a more contemporary outlook; one which carried mass appeal for a broad target market.

Launching primarily as a direct to consumer brand, The Sourcing Table has enjoyed rapid success which has led to the opening of two bottle shops and bars. Working on all facets of the brand online and offline has helped to ensure that the brand is built for on-going success as it enters its next phase of growth.

Special thanks to Ben and Will for sharing their vision and allowing us to bring it to life. Also to Louise Sheeran for the drawings, to Jack Collis for the animation assistance, and Ben de Silva for the website build.