The Arts Club



The Arts Club is a prestigious private members’ club founded in 1863 by a group of prominent figures including Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, and Lord Leighton. Located in Mayfair’s Dover Street, it serves as a hub for individuals affiliated with the creative arts, be it as professionals or benefactors. From Grayson Perry to Prince William, it holds a particular reverence.

We were commissioned to help breathe new life into the brand, at a time when expansion plans were already in train. From refining and refreshing the original identity to expanding our work into other areas of the Mayfair club as well as working on the launch of the Dubai outpost, we delivered a comprehensive refresh to the brand that has helped to ensure its heritage can comfortably translate to the demands and expectations of the modern member.

The membership packs were sent out to new and current members upon the relaunch of the brand identity. The boxes were meticulously designed to ensure that they were robust to withstand the journey, yet still of requisite design standard to make the necessary impression to members.

The members events guide are issued three times per year, with a revolving annual theme that we brought to life with varied, abstract, artful cover art. Shown here, the work of Merijn Hos.

Thanks to Pol Montserrat, Merijn Hos and Peter Horridge for their illustrations.