Retro-pop isn’t a term often associated with office space, but this is what we looked towards in the creation of a compelling brand identity for the large scale office building, Panagram, located in the city of London.

Taking inspiration from the Memphis era which came into being at the same time as Panagram was built and is reflected in the terrazzo facade, we actively embraced this eccentric era of design to shift away from the clean-cut, corporate aesthetic commonly associated with office buildings.

Working closely with the developers, Dorrington, and the project architects, Buckley Gray Yeoman, our design for the building had to work in two very different ways; primarily it needed to help secure tenants by way of a compelling marketing strategy that cut through the noise of the market and secondly as a permanent presence within the building through signage, merchandise, and digital engagement.

Thanks to our client Dorrington for their ambition in seeking to break the mould. To Emilee Blundell for editing the Area Guide, and to Jack Hobhouse for the architectural photography.