Karmacist Karmacist


Everything we feel, every minute of the day – it’s all in our head. Whether we’re happy or down, full of confidence or on edge, energised or running on empty, it comes down to the intricate balance of our brains.

Karmacist are on a mission to help restore brain harmony – harnessing the power of ancient botanicals and cutting edge science to give our brains what they need. We worked with the founders on establishing how they could communicate the story behind the brand in a way that would set itself apart within the wellness category.

We created code-based generative artworks that allude to the power of Karmacist’s scientific formulas when viewed under the microscope. Alongside this, we designed a series of motifs, each related to a product in the core range, and all inspired by ancient symbolism and carving techniques.

Picked out by Forbes as a best-in-class supplement, Karmacist is paving the way for good brain health, and in turn, positive living.

Special thanks to Martin Houra for time and expertise on the generative artworks and to Jack Collis for assistance with animation.