A bridge between emerging furniture design talent in the Nordics and a customer-base seeking deeper engagement with the objects they surround themselves with.

This was the idea that the founder of ÅBEN came to us with. Based in Copenhagen, we worked closely with them and their team to define, design and launch the brand, putting the people behind the products to the fore and turning the conventional sales-led approach on its head. As a brand focused on offering the highest level of craftsmanship from its range of makers located across the Nordic region, ÅBEN is a bold riposte to mass-market manufacture and consumption; a brand that focuses on less, made well, the Nordic way.

ÅBEN’s amorphous form plays the role of an ambiguous, intriguing graphic device. An abstract depiction of the Nordic region, it weaves it’s way in and out of various branded communications.

From the outset there was an ambition to consider ways that we could retain customer engagement online. The result was the ABEN Journal, a fully integrated digital magazine micro-site that linked to the core website, containing thoroughly researched, carefully edited, essays and interviews with designers both emerging and already successful.

Thanks to David Harrigan for sharing his vision with us and always pushing us to go further. To Studio Kleiner and Handover for the masterful product photography, and to Jack Collis for the animation wizardry.